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The Raj Tent Club trim

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indian white sunshades in a row in garden with garden set

Our stylish collection of tents can accommodate anywhere from ten to six hundred guests. Whatever the occasion, our team will discuss your requirements and advise on the best tent or combination of tents for your event.


Scroll down the page to see all the tent styles.

Size: 6m x 10m

Standing: 120

Dining: 60/72

Dining/Dancing: 40

Size: 12m x 10m or 6m x 20m

Standing: 240

Dining: 120

Dining/Dancing: 70

Size: 18m x 10m or 30m x 6m

Standing: 360

Dining: 180

Dining/Dancing: 120

Size: 24m x 10m

Standing: 480

Dining: 240

Size: 30m x 10m

Standing: 600

Dining: 300

Dining/Dancing: 240

Size: 36m x 10m

Standing: 720

Dining: 360

Dining / Dancing: 300

Size: 9m x 6m

Standing: 80

Dining: 40/50

Dining/Dancing: 30

Size: 8m x 12m

Standing: 190

Dining: 110

Dining/Dancing: 60

Size: 6m x 4m

Standing: 40

Dining: 20

Size: 4m diameter (Octagonal)
Standing: 20
Dining: 10
Dining/Dancing: Dining Only

Size: 6m diameter (Octagonal)

Standing: 40

Size: 2.8m x 5.6m

Standing: 32

Dining: 20

Dining/Dancing: Dining only

Size: 2m x 2m

Size: 2.8m x 2.8m
Standing: 16
Dining: 10
Dining/Dancing: Dining Only

Size: 3.5m x 3.5m
Standing: 18/20

Dining: 10

Dining/Dancing: Dining only

Size: 3m x 1.5m
Standing: N/A
Dining: N/A
Dining/Dancing: N/A