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The Raj Tent Club trim

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This unique "rough and rustic" ochre pottery is made near Zagora, which is situated in the Draa Valley on the edge of the Sahara in south east Morocco, and is known as Tamegroute pottery. The striking ochre colour is formed during the firing process and is a result of the traditional glaze used which contains magnesium, silicon and copper. All Tamegroute pottery is hand made, so small variations in size and colour will occur. In addition, because the pottery is made using ancient methods, it is a little fragile and the finish somewhat "rough and ready". A degree of unevenness and some imperfections in the glaze only add to the rustic charm and gorgeousness of this beautiful pottery. 

Hand wash only.

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Approx diameter: 25cm (10in)

PRICE: £40.00
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