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SilaiWali is a social enterprise in New Delhi, run by French born Iris and her partner, native born Bish. 

Iris and Bish both come from design backgrounds and are socially responsible people who want to leave the world a better place.

They jointly set up SilaiWali to train and employ refugee Afghan women to make gorgeous rag dolls which are dressed in sophisticated and fashionable outfits. These are made from re-cycled textile scraps generated by Delhi's garment industry.

Each doll comes in its own box that opens to show the doll lying in its bed. Remove the bedcover and the doll is then revealed in all its splendour.

Every doll is unique, wearing its own individual hand made outfit.


Please note that these dolls are sold as collectors items and have not been professionally tested for children's use so as to comply with British and EU standards. (Since they are all hand made one offs, it would be prohibitively expensive to test each one)

Whereas we believe that they are perfectly safe for children, as a company we cannot accept any responsibility in this regard.

If you would like to buy any of these dolls, please contact our London office or click here to go through to the Children's section.


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PRICE: £40.00
Please contact our London office to purchase this item.
SilaiWali dolls Group 4
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SilaiWali dolls Group 4
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SilaiWali dolls Group 4
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