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Being a highly spiritual person, by the mid 2000's Clarissa was losing interest in the more commercial aspects of life with Raj Tent Club, so she left and went off to teach yoga, first in this country and later in Zurich. 


However her heart was always in India. She had been battling her illness for a number of years and when she felt the end was approaching, she decided to go back to her beloved Rishikesh in Utterkand, Northern India. Sadly she was not to make it and she passed away on October 9th in a hospital in Delhi.


Her ashes will be scattered into the holy river Ganges in late November.


Clarissa Mitchell RCA. October 6th 1956 - October 9th 2014


"Bhagwan unki aatma ko shanti de"

(God rest her soul in peace)


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Clarissa Mitchell
Clarissa Mitchell
Clarissa Mitchell
Clarissa Mitchell
Clarissa Mitchell
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