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Jhal muri is street food with a mix of flavours and textures-  crunchy (roasted rice, channa dal, peanut and sev noodles (Bengali Chickpea flour vermicelli) and fresh (tomato, cucumber, bombay onion, ginger, fresh coriander, sometimes chilli), set off by exotic flavours (yellow lime, tamarind sauce, mustard oil, chaat masala and gram masala) all mixed mixed in the pot and served in a paper cone. Absolutely delicious!

Angus is continually expanding his repertoire and frequently serves up Ghugni Chat (Masor Dal with Bengali spices) , Dhokla and Phuchka.


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You can read all about these recipes and more by visiting Angus' website here


Heaven on Earth
It's true!
Coconut slices
Ingredients for Jhal Muri
Gujarati Dhal
The back of the van
A colourful display
Getting ready for the party
Angus' famous trolley
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